Agroleite is a technical event focused on all phases of the dairy value chain. The event will take place in August, in the city of Castro, Paraná, Brazil - the nation's official milk capital - with programming that seeks to present the potential of the region's milk production in qualitative and quantitative aspects.


  • The largest milk event in Latin America, organized by Castrolanda. It creates an opportunity for all players in the dairy value chain to demonstrate their products and services to companies and farmers.
  • The most complete event of the dairy chain to launch new products, technologies and services;
  • Meet hundreds of customers in just 5 days;
  • The ideal platform for product launches;
  • An excellent source of information and networking: the official programming opens with discussions about the market, providing a fast, efficient and realistic reading of a Agribusiness trends and demands;

Lastly: it is your company's showcase in the largest milk producing region Brazil: Castro is considered Brazil's Official Milk Capital in terms of productivity and quality.